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Your hands are yours. And they are important. When it comes time for surgery, you deserve quality service and personalized treatment. Dr. Brutus has excellent ratings on RateMDs and Google Reviews. His patients recommend him without hesitation for his exceptional approach, dedicated staff, and quality care.

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Wow with a capital W! Dr. Brutus is an amazing surgeon. He’s my hero. He’s an expert. He’s reliable […]. I feel so good now and I’d do it all again. It was worth it to make the investment and meet Dr. Brutus. He is so patient, calm, and kind. Many thanks to all of the OR nurses. They took such good care of me.

- J.D.

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Dre Sandra McGill

Plastic Surgeon | Espace MD

«He is an expert in hand and wrist surgery, offering innovative and superior therapies that are currently unavailable in our public system. His professionalism, skill and kindness are impeccable. I recommend him without reservation.»

Dre Marie-Hélène Geoffroy

General Physician | MD-Plus

«As a family physician, I frequently recommend Dr. Brutus to my patients for their hand-related issues. All of my patients have told me that they are extremely happy. He is a talented, attentive, and accommodating surgeon.»

Dr Zyad Hobeychi

Podiatrist | Propriétaire de la Clinique et centre de chirurgie podiatrique de Terrebonne

«I’ve known Jean-Paul for almost three years now and the first quality that stands out to me is that he’s a very patient-oriented surgeon. The quality of his surgeries is only surpassed by the exceptional patient care he and his team provide before and after surgery. Very inspirational for any professional health care provider.»

Dr Benoit Leblanc

Plastic Surgeon | Owner of Clinique Esthétique Beaver Hall

«His minimally invasive surgical approach produces excellent results, and the recovery is surprisingly short. He has a stellar bedside manner, which is why they love him. I never hesitate to recommend him.»

Dr Mario Luc

Plastic Surgeon | Medical Director at Clinique Innovation

«On top of being a great person, Dr. Brutus is an excellent hand surgeon who is always attentive to his patients’ needs. He’s an inspiring physician who is always working to make his services better and more accessible. His training and technical knowledge make him a leader and innovator in hand surgery.»

Dr Renato Dalboni

Plastic Surgeon | Hôpital Pierre-Boucher

«I appreciate Jean-Paul so much, both for his talents as a surgeon and his compassion for his patients and everyone around him.»

Dr Jean-Luc Monfrais

Anaesthesiologist and Medical Photographer | Centre Dentaire Patrick Canonne

«Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus combines fine human qualities with a high level of professionalism in the field of hand surgery. I recommend him wholeheartedly.»

Dr Joseph Bou-Merhi

Plastic Surgeon | Director of the Breast Reconstruction Unit at CHUM

«Excellent hand and upper extremity surgeon. Great teacher and mentor. An amazing human being!»

Dr Rodney French

Plastic Surgeon | Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery, UBC

«Jean-Paul is one of my trusted "go-to guys" out east for hand and wrist injuries. He has the demeanour and takes the time needed for the elite athletes I am involved with. He will accommodate patients to their schedule with his availability and provides the timeliness to consultation and definitive care that is required. Many thanks to him.»

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